Monday, 22 December 2008

Sugar Sweet Details!

Well, you may already know that there are two ways of getting sugar. One is out of the sugar cane, the other is out of the sugar beet. Chemically both sugars are the same, pure saccharose. But you can't extract brown sugar out of the sugar beet. The molases which is separeted of the sugarbeet doesn't taste and smell very good. But actually it is not thrown away, they give it to the animals to consume.

The white sugar is processed 3 times untill it gets cleaned from all the remaining stuff apart from the pure saccharose. The brown sugar tastes different because of the molases it contains naturally. But most of the brown sugars we buy from the supermarkets is not the cut process of the white sugar. It is molases sprayed white sugar!

Another interesting detail about the sugar beet is that in some areas of Turkey it is cooked and consumed as a dessert. This dessert is called Çükündür (Chukundur), Höngül (Hongul), Kocabaş (Kojabash) depending on the zone.

So if you can find raw sugar beet and you want to give it a try here you have the recipe for the Sugar Beet Dessert. ( I have translated it from this Turkish blog, the picture of the dessert also belongs to that blog) Just be aware that it is a very sweet dessert, a sherbety type like baklava. (Sherbet in this case means sugar cooked in water untill it gets like a syrup, so you can imagine how sweet it is)

Sugar Beet Dessert


1 sugar beet
1 or 1+1/2 cups of white sugar (you have to put at least a little bit of sugar because the root can turn out tastless and plain)
Enough water to pour in to the pot

First you have to wash the sugar beet with a brush. As it is a root it can have mud on the skin. After that you put the beet and the sugar on the pressure-cooker and pour water untill it covers half of the sugar beet. Cook it in medium heat for 1 hour and than peel it before it cools otherwise it gets difficult to peel the sugar beet. Slice and serve it .

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