Monday, 17 November 2008

Eating For Victory - Leaflets From th Second World War

Rationing in Britain during the Second World War was seen as a necessary evil, but the government at the time went to graet lengths to ensure that everyone had enough to eat. They were determined, as the official leaflets reproduced in the book of Eating For Victory demonstrates, that the people in Britain should be fit to carry on the fight and for many this meant adopting a far healthier diet than they had ever enjoyed before.

At the end of the first World War, the government took stock of the food problems faced during that period. This led to extensive technical investigations into food preparation, preservation, storage and transport, and to increased research into the sientific aspects of food and nutrition.
Even today we can learn a great deal about health and nutrition from the efforts that were made during the war years. Here are a few examples of the leaflets.